Lorenzo Green

Lorenzo Green

Digital Marketing Authority & Investor

Focus areas

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Performance marketing
  3. PPC
  4. Conferences
  5. Investing
  6. Advertising

Lorenzo Green is a real old-timer of the marketing industry with more than 16 years of experience under his belt: from organizing large-scale conferences and developing monetization algorithms, to creating advertising agencies and networks worldwide.

Lorenzo earned his first $100 online back in 2002 with several banner designs he had created for a contest. Today, he is most known in performance marketing as a co-founder of iStack Holdings. This company is a regular organizer of major events in the digital and affiliate marketing industry (Affiliate World Conferences, SheCommerce, etc.).

Lorenzo Green is also an owner of several successful businesses outside the marketing field, including one of the most upscale and luxurious cottages in New Zealand.

Nowadays, Lorenzo is into investment and establishing communication between different industries.




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