Emanuel Cinca

Creator of Stacked Marketer Newsletter

Focus areas

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Newsletter
  3. Titorials

Emanuel was born in Lipova, a small town in Romania, to a working-class family. Since childhood, Manu was attracted by computers and technology. A later addition to the list — poker — has become one of his all-time hobbies. He even dedicated an entire book to the features of this game: "The Education of a Modern Poker Player". Later, together with one of his co-authors Manu will start his first software development company and then contemplate venturing into affiliate marketing. The first steps were: creating accounts on the STM forum and launching the first campaign that started bringing profit after a month of running.

However, the path of an affiliate marketer alone has never been Manu Cinca's goal. He wanted to use his revenue to create a unique product that could benefit all players on this market. This is how WHAT THE AFF specialized affiliate newsletter was born. Later it became Stacked Marketer newsletter. Its subscribers receive a daily portion of the latest news, trends in the marketing field, as well as useful technical advice.

Emanuel commented in an interview with Attilla:

It’s a quick-5-min read, that shows up in your email inbox every weekday at 11GMT, packed with latest news, trends, tech and actionable advice. We try to present all this in an entertaining way, using pop-culture reference and insider affiliate jokes too.

Today, Manu Cinca is creating and developing his projects, travelling a lot and taking part in marketing conferences, sharing his experience with others.





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