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Taboola is acquiring ecommerce ad platform Connexity


Taboola is acquiring ecommerce ad platform Connexity for $800 million. Connexity is an ad network focused on ecommerce retailers. While it covers everything from search ads to influencer marketing, its main draw is helping retailers advertise on publisher sites via affiliate links and sponsored content. It has 40,000 publishers in its network and an audience of 100 million.

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola, says in the announcement:

Imagine data signals surfaced in real-time to a publisher’s editorial team about what products their readers love, so they can both learn about their loyal readers and consider what new topics to cover. Imagine every merchant in the world, leveraging the clout and trusted environment of the open web to drive growth to their business, outside of the walled gardens. 

The acquisition will expand Taboola’s client base to include Connexity’s retail clients with benefits on both sides.