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RevenueLab.biz has rebranded the platform


RevenueLab.biz is a global aggregator of affiliate programs that brings together many advertisers from the iGaming industry and publishers worldwide.

On July 1, the affiliate aggregator announced a rebranding. In addition to a stylish design, the platform has many new features that help webmasters and advertisers to make money.

  1. CPA and Hybrid models were added

RevenueLab used to only work with the Revenue Share model. Now CPA and Hybrid options have been added to the site.

  1. The publisher's account has been completely redesigned

The previous version of the personal account was outdated and in need of reform, so the product team did a lot of work, and at the moment, there is almost nothing left of the old interfaces.

  1. Access for advertisers to register is now open

Previously, advertisers had access to the platform individually, but now registration is open to everyone.

Valentin Darechkin, Product Manager at RevenueLab.biz comments the changes:

Before we started creating new interfaces, we spent about 4 months on research. We studied how our publishers worked with the current interface, what was missing and what was unnecessary. We conducted interviews, studied analytics data. All in all, it was worth it. And now, I can confidently say that this is the best Personal Cabinet I have seen in the affiliate-marketing industry for 7 years of my career.