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YouTube will no longer be accepting ads relating to alcohol, gambling, politics, or “prescription drug terms” for its masthead ad slot


YouTube will stop accepting ads for its masthead ad unit from certain verticals, including alcohol sales, gambling, prescription drugs, and election and political ads.

Beginning Monday, ads that feature any gambling-related content offline or online, including sports betting and casino games, will be banned.

Prohibited categories:

  1. Gambling

Assets that depict or reference gambling-related content, including offline gambling, online gambling, online non-casino games, and social casino games.

  1. Elections and political content

Assets related to elections or politics

  1. Alcohol

Assets that depict or reference alcohol-related content, including ads promoting the sale of alcohol as well as branding or informational ads focusing on alcoholic beverages

  1. Prescription drug terms

Assets that depict or reference prescription drug terms