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Spend on Facebook reached more than 90% of the year-over-year post-iOS 14.5 rollout


StitcherAds, a tech platform for retailers, examined nearly 46 retailers’ spend on Facebook between April 3 and April 30, 2021, comparing year-over-year and month-over-month shifts in spending.

The analysis found that shifts in spend rose 135.74% between April 3 and April 30, compared with the same time period a year ago.

Month-over-month (MoM) spend rose 19% between March 6 and April 2, 2020, driven by bigger increases beginning April 27 - the day after the iOS 14.5 update rolled out.

Since the update, MoM and year-over-year (YoY) spend increases have remained above 90%.

The data suggests that brands now spend more on advertising following the update to maintain their share of voice.