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Clubhouse data leak: 1.3 million scraped user records leaked online


The leaked database contains a variety of user-related information from Clubhouse profiles, including:

  1. User ID
  2. Name
  3. Photo URL
  4. Username
  5. Twitter handle etc.

Clubhouse has issued a statement about the incident on social media, saying they have not experienced a breach of their systems. The company said that the data is already publicly available and that it can be accessed by “anyone” via their API.

According to CyberNews senior information security researcher Mantas Sasnauskas, the dump of scraped Clubhouse user data reveals a potential privacy issue within the social media platform itself: “The way the Clubhouse app is built lets anyone with a token, or via an API, to query the entire body of public Clubhouse user profile information, and it seems that token does not expire.”