zPush: For our affiliates push traffic constitutes up to 30% of all profit from the website


Sveta Prus

Vladimir, head of the zPush.biz and zClick.biz platforms, shares how website owners can earn money on push notifications. It turns out that these seemingly small things may bring up to one third of your affiliate income!

Hi, Vladimir! Please, tell us how push notifications work as a system? And how affiliates can benefit from push ads?

It's fairly simple: a push notification is an ad served to a user if they have enabled this kind of notifications. This is the very reason why push ads are absolutely legal and compliant with search engines.

To work with push ads, one has to purchase traffic for direct URLs or own a website. If you own a website you need to add it to our platform, specify the category, and indicate the number of notifications per day. Later you will receive a code and embed it into the website. Done! Your push notifications are ready to roll!

But note that you will not get much profit from push ad networks during the first month. The code needs time to gather subscribers and start serving more and more ads and, consequently, start receiving clicks. In this case you pay per click.

From the user perspective it looks like this: you visit a website, subscribe to push notifications, and in a couple of hours you start receiving push ads. Usually these are for betting, gambling, and e-commerce.

What is the average profit from push traffic? Could you define the range for newbies and professionals? Or maybe you have an interesting case you can share with us?

It always depends on the vertical and the GEO. If you run Tier1 campaigns, you will earn more than your competitors with the CIS traffic.

Popular websites bring $150–200 daily on average.

Here is a fresh case for you: a small streaming website registered with us roughly a month before the UEFA 2020. When the matches started the owner was making about $300 a day. We have even double-checked him for fraud.

Obviously, the website will get fewer visitors when the football cup is over, but we know that some subscribers have a long user lifetime and will keep bringing profit for months to come.

Your main page says that any website will be suitable for push notifications. There must be some websites that perform better with this format though?

Sure, usually websites with movies, music, and adult content are the best. That is, anything entertaining. Although news websites also bring considerable profit to their owners.

Is push traffic usually the main source of income or an additional one?

Push ads can bring good money, but affiliates mostly like to diversify their sources. Push notifications are great because they work well with other formats. For our affiliates profit from push constitutes around 30% of the overall profit from the website.

Is it possible to boost the conversion rate in some way? To make people stick around and subscribe more?

We have many tools and special features designed for this: for example, you can test subscriptions with or without a pre-landing page, apply shadowing, etc. We also offer such feature as "silent subscription".

Your profit also depends on whether or not you monetize iOS traffic, use In-site Push (a sticker ad at the bottom of the web page), and traffic back URLs. By the way, we have made it easier for our affiliates and added a smart-link to traffic back. This drives the profit up by 30–50% for some of our affiliates. Please note that using direct URLs is the only way to monetize traffic back with us. 

You can also drive the performance up by yourself. The idea is simple: the more people visit your website, the more you earn. You can drive some paid traffic to your own website getting more visitors and, thus, driving up impressions for push and other formats.

Naturally, this does not mean using any kind of fraud. There is a natural ratio of subscriptions/cancellations to the number of unique users, so we can easily detect fraud and take measures.

Could you please explain direct URLs and how to work with them?

Direct URL is a link you drive traffic to, it directs users to different landing pages with push subscriptions. We offer a selection of landing pages for almost any vertical and category. How it works: you choose a landing page on our platform, get a direct link, and start driving traffic from any source. Affiliates with big volumes can have particular landings added to the platform.

What GEOs have the highest price of subscription?

Naturally, these are the Tier1 countries: the USA, Western Europe, Japan. But we also notice that such countries as Brazil and Russia also perform well. We have many advertisers for these GEOs.

It is possible for an affiliate to send their own notifications to their subscribers?

Yes, we provide such a feature. But such traffic will not be monetized through our platform.

How do you bypass AdBlock?

We change domains 😉

Do you have any statistics on the subscriber "lifetime": how fast they cancel the subscriptions, how many notifications are served during this time? 

You can specify the number of daily notifications for each user on your dashboard. This number directly affects the user lifetime. We do not recommend sending more than 16 notifications per day to avoid ad fatigue.

Every user is different: some cancel the subscription on the same day they subscribe, others keep yielding profit for months. On average users tend to stay active for 5 days.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and expertise!