"Matrix Glitch": the coolest moments of the pre-party by Alfaleads and PropellerAds

"Matrix Glitch": the coolest moments of the pre-party by Alfaleads and PropellerAds

Dmitry Denisov

On the eve of the World Affiliate Show 2021 conference, a glitch in the world's system brought top players of the affiliate world into the parallel reality. It happened in one of the craziest night clubs in Moscow. We delved into the Matrix alongside the "chosen ones" and discovered how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What comes into your mind when you think of the legendary trilogy by the Wachowskis? Green light, peculiar style, memorable characters, and a unique ambiance. These can also apply to the pre-party organized by Alfaleads and PropellerAds that was attended by the best of the best of the affiliate industry in Russia. Just for one night they left our dull reality and transcended into the Matrix universe.

The venue presented several themed zones upholding the main theme. Each guest was greeted into by Morpheus who proposed to choose one of two colored bracelets and to keep your ignorance about the world or to discover the affiliate Matrix. Merovingian's twins and Niobe were entertaining at the photo zones, and the DGs kept the party going by switching the musical sets.

New acquaintances and partnerships happened with every step under the green light - both old friends and new partners met that night. By dawn many had a bunch of new useful contacts in their Telegram. The next day was dedicated to the event-rich World Affiliate Show 2021. You can read up on this conference in our previous publications. And now we leave the Matrix and would like to share a photo report with you.