Local traffic. What is it and where to find it. Part 2

Local traffic

Christina Neuman

We continue to talk about local traffic, read part one of our series here. Let's dive deeper into Asian ad networks today!

Local traffic is the traffic of advertising networks and platforms that work with a small number of GEOs. Sometimes even with just one. But more often it is a small group of countries that are either close geographically, or have common historical roots, traditions, customs, mentality, religion, and culture.


Popin is a Premium Native Ad Platform that offers advertising in the form of articles containing recommendations and tips. The ad corresponds perfectly to the topic of the article, so it can be used to spread product and brand awareness.

GEOJapan, South Korea, Greater China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia
Traffic amount and qualityMore than 400 publisher sites. More than 10 billion page views per month.
TargetingCategories: clothing and fashion, education, entertainment, government and politics, health and beauty, sports, travel and recreation.
Ad formatsDesktop Display, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Native.
Payment methodCPC. The ad costs are recalculated at the current exchange rate and are accepted in Japanese yen for all countries.
RegistrationYou need to fill out a form on the website and specify the selected GEO.
InterfaceEnglish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian.


Dable is a leading world-class native advertising platform with algorithmic sales using real-time bids (RTB). It has its own Ad Exchange. Dable describes itself as "the fast-growing content discovery platform in Asia generating over 22 billion impressions a month".

GEOKorea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia.
Traffic amount and qualityThe platform generates more than 22 billion views per month. 2,800 major publisher sites.
TargetingGEO, devices, placement, gender, language, interests and behavior
Ad formatsDesktop Display, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Native.
Payment methodCredit card, bank transfer.
Minimum depositThe minimum payment amount is 1 million Korean won (excluding VAT). To pay in a different currency, you need to contact customer support.
RegistrationYou need to fill out a form on the website and specify the selected GEO.
InterfaceEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian.


Traffic amount and qualityMore than 22 million clicks per month. More than 48,000 publishers.
TargetingGEO, devices, interests, time
Ad formatsNative Ads, Banner Ads.
Minimum depositNo minimum deposit required. $2 for each new ad.
RegistrationEasy registration. You need to input your email address and specify that you are an advertiser.
InterfaceEnglish, Thai.


Macaw is a Native Advertising Network in South East Asia, offering optimal solutions for your media buying goals. This network works with e-Commerce, Forex and binary options, Casino, Sports betting, Nutra, Dating, Content promotion.

GEOIndonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Traffic amount and qualityPremium platforms in South East Asia: MSN, tribunnews.com, line.me, kienthuc.net.vn, sanook.com and dozens of other top publishers
Ad formatsNative Ads.
RegistrationYou must submit an application.


Adsmart is an advertising network that places native ads on Detikcom, a popular news portal in Indonesia. The portal is consistently ranked among the top 10 most visited websites in Indonesia.

Traffic amount and quality53 million monthly visitors.
TargetingGEO, devices, interests, behavior.
Ad formatsNative Ads, Banner Ads.
Minimum deposit50,000 Indonesian rupees.
RegistrationEasy registration, you can use social networks.


CocCoc is a Vietnamese platform with algorithmic sales using real-time bidings (RTB).

Traffic amount and quality25 million desktop and mobile users.
TargetingKeywords, demographics, categories.
Ad formatsNative Ads, Search Ads.
Minimum deposit500,000 VND.
RegistrationEasy registration with email confirmation.
InterfaceEnglish, Vietnamese.

In the next parts we will tell you about local traffic in Africa. Stay tuned!