Local traffic. What is it and where to find it. Part 1

Local traffic for affiliate marketers

Christina Neuman

Do you always need a large advertising network with a high level of competition to launch your campaigns? For example, are you testing offers from Macedonia or Croatia? Is it necessary to start with PopCash or Exoclick? Especially if you are not a great partner of these major traffic sources.

What quality of traffic will you get in these networks, being a newcomer? The answer is quite clear. You will get traffic on a residual basis. The one that the "big" guys have not taken. And there will be a lot of bot traffic.

Do you have other options? Are there effective alternatives to advertising networks with a global reach of users and an equally large level of competition?

Yes, there is local traffic.

Local traffic is the traffic of advertising networks and platforms that work with a small number of GEOs. Sometimes even with just one. But more often it is a small group of countries that are either close geographically, or have common historical roots, traditions, customs, mentality, religion, and culture.

Why local traffic might be a good choice

Local advertising networks can be extremely effective.

  1. First of all, these networks have a lower level of competition. Why? The answer is simple. Not everyone knows about them.
  2. Second, the quality of traffic in them is usually not bad, and in fact, at times more than decent.
  3. Third, local advertising networks tend to work with local publishers. People see ads on familiar sites. These ads inspire more trust in users and increase the number of responses and sales.

Why local traffic is not always easy

  1. Local advertising networks are not always easy and quick to identify. Although every country has its own local networks focused on a specific type of traffic.
  2. These networks may not have an interface in popular European languages. Even though, as a rule, there is always one in English.
  3. Local networks don't always have quick support that responds instantly and answers your questions. But it should be noted that many networks have good FAQ sections, equipped with detailed guides for advertisers, even as far as the availability of screenshots indicating which buttons to click on.
  4. Sometimes the support can start a conversation with you, for example, in Indonesian. But they tend to readjust quickly if they see that you prefer English.
  5. It may be difficult to make a deposit. Often, the minimum deposit amounts are indicated in the local currency. But you will always be offered possible options for converting your currency.

Now have an idea of the difficulties that may arise when working with it, let's proceed to getting to know some local networks and platforms.

It is impossible to give a detailed and exhaustive analysis of all the networks presented below in one article. We analyzed the most basic things: traffic types and formats, GEO, quantity and quality of available traffic, the main targeting options, and payment methods. But this information is quite enough to choose something suitable for yourself. Then, you need to register on the network and before you start working, study the network from the inside.

If you are ready, we suggest you start with Europe.


ETARGET is an advertising network of display or algorithmic advertising in Central and Eastern Europe.

ETARGET is an advertising network of display or algorithmic advertising (Programmatic Advertising) in Central and Eastern Europe.

There are two main types of algorithmic media sales: real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic direct (direct algorithmic sales).

RTB platforms are auction platforms where advertisers place real-time bids for displaying their ads on publishers' websites. RTB allows the advertiser to focus on buying ad impressions to target users, rather than buying advertising space for certain sites.

Programmatic Direct allows one to buy a specific place on the publisher's website.

ETARGET offers both options for purchasing programmatic advertising, both using real-time bidding (RTB), and using automated purchase of advertising space from the best publishers and site owners (Programmatic Direct).

The ETARGET advertising network operates in the following markets: Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia. Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia.

Traffic quantity and qualityETARGET provides access to many advertising platforms in more than 40 global networks and to tens of thousands of regional and local websites. Your ad will appear on various sites - from large news sites to blogs, hobby sites, entertainment sites, etc.
TargetingGeo, interests, user activity, demographic features, placements, categories, devices.
Ad formatsBanners (video or animations, 3D formats). Video ads can be part of broader video content on websites (for example, pre-roll video) or run separately in banners of various formats. Remarketing is designed to reach visitors who left your site without making a purchase. Your ad will be shown to the user a few hours or days after they leave the site.
Payment methodCPM (Cost-Per-Mille) CPC (Cost Per Click). You can pay by bank transfer or card. Advertising prices are formed through an auction or are determined on the basis of agreed private transactions. Current prices for various advertising formats are available in your personal account. Using them, you can get an idea of the price range and quickly sort things out.
InterfaceIn English, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian.
RegistrationFree registration, you need to fill out a small form.
Minimum depositCzech Republic: the minimum amount of the first deposit is set at 2,000 CZK without VAT (for all subsequent payments, the minimum deposit amount will be reduced to 1,000 CZK without VAT). Once your credit is exhausted, your campaign will automatically stop, so you will never pay more for your ads than you would like. For Programmatic Direct, the minimum possible amount to start a campaign is 8,000 CZK without VAT.

Hungary: the minimum amount of the first deposit is 20,000 HUF, you can top up the balance at any time later (at least 10,000 HUF). If you run out of funds, your campaigns will automatically stop. For Programmatic Direct, the minimum price is 75,000 HUF.

Slovakia: the minimum amount of the first deposit is set at 60 euros without VAT (for all subsequent payments, the minimum deposit limit will be reduced to 30 euros without VAT). For Programmatic Direct, the minimum possible campaign amount is 300 euros without VAT.

Bulgaria: the minimum first payment is 100 BGN without VAT (for all subsequent payments, the minimum deposit is reduced to 50 BGN without VAT). For Programmatic Direct, the minimum amount with which you can start a campaign is 240 BGN without VAT. Romania The minimum amount for the campaign is 200 lei + VAT. For Programmatic Direct, the minimum campaign credit is 500 lei plus VAT.

Croatia: The minimum amount of the first deposit is 400 HRK without VAT (for all subsequent payments, the minimum deposit amount is reduced to 150 HRK without VAT).
SupportThe platform guarantees free consultations, and managers will answer your questions by phone or email.

The platform discloses the websites of publishers where your ads will be displayed. For example, sites in the Czech Republic: super.cz, sport.cz, novinky.cz, xman.cz, stream.cz, etc.


Easyplatform is a platform for programmatic display advertising. The platform offers 2 options for programmatic advertising:

  1. Programmatic trading in real time (RTB),
  2. Programmatic Direct with an open transaction (Public Deal) or on request with an individual private transaction (Private Deal) with special conditions.

Advertising Cryptocurrency, Gambling, and Nutra offers is allowed under exclusive partnership terms.

Traffic amount and qualityEasyPlatform works with over 200 publishers' websites.
TargetingPlacement, device type (mobile devices, tablets and desktop), OS, Internet Service Providers (ISP targeting), GEO, behavior based on user activity, interests. In addition, you can set the frequency and time of ad impressions.
Ad formatsNative Ads, banner Ads, interactive HTML5 Rich-Media Banners.
Payment methodCPC, CPM. After launching the campaign, the platform will offer a default PPC. You can edit this price, the minimum price is €0.02. The higher you set the CPC, the more competitive your bid will be, the more impressions you will get.
InterfaceIn English, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian.
RegistrationRegistration is easy, unrestricted, and free.
Minimum depositYou can start with €50 or $50. Bank cards are accepted for payment, and bank transfers are possible.

Midas Network

Midas Network is a small advertising network with an office in Zagreb. The network offers to place native ads on popular websites in Croatia.

About 6 million readers visit the publishers' websites every month, which is 80% of the number of Internet users in Croatia.

The ads are adapted to the publisher's website using a specially designed widget. Setting up Midas Pixel on your site will allow you to "recognize" your visitors. Over time, this will give you the ability to apply advanced targeting based on your campaign goals.

Traffic amount and qualityYou can place ads on more than 300 sites in Croatia. Filters automatically detect fake clicks and filter only real traffic.
TargetingGeotargeting, website category, remarketing.
Ad formatNative advertising.
Payment methodCPC
InterfaceIn English, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, and German.
RegistrationYou need to fill out a form, then you will be contacted by the support team.

Content Exchange

Content Exchange is a Slovenian platform that brings together more than 220 websites of publishers from 7 countries. The platform allows advertisers to connect with the right audience through personalized native ads in widgets.

The Content Exchange widget is created as a banner with interesting high-quality content that looks like part of the surrounding content of the website on which it will be placed. The language of the widget will correspond to the user's GEO.

Traffic amount and qualityYou can place ads on more than 220 sites in Slovenia and other countries.
TargetingAge, interests, device type, OS
Ad formatNative, banners, jump out TV ads.
InterfaceIn English.
RegistrationYou need to fill out a form, then you will be contacted by the support team.


Adrino is a Polish mobile native advertising network. It offers to place ads on mobile sites, as well as in apps.

GEOPoland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Ad formatsNative ad - RichNative Expand, video - Video Native, Video Pre-roll.
InterfaceIn Polish.
RegistrationYou need to fill out a form, then you will be contacted by the support team.

In the next parts of our article we will tell you about local traffic in Asia and Africa. Stay tuned!

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