How to increase CTR using Taboola Trends

Taboola Trends: tool that helps you choose the most converting creative

Christina Neuman

Have you ever tried Taboola Trends? It is a data resource analyzing images and keywords gathered from content campaigns running on the platform. if you're planning to run a campaign, be sure to take advantage of the insights and test creatives that you know are increasing click-through rates (CTRs).

The analysis includes individual items, or campaign creatives, that received at least 25 clicks and 25,000 impressions per week – altogether, every week Taboola analyzes a total of about 75 million clicks across 50 billion impressions. 

The data is presented in the form of an interactive table, where you can filter information by category (autos, dating, beauty, etc.), platforms, languages and countries.

You can use this tool not only for campaigns running on the Taboola platform, these trends are still indicative of general online behavior.

Let’s have a look at the trends updated on April 4th! Please note that we are looking at average data that may vary by country, language and device.

Photo vs. illustration

Photographs usually win showing +55% CTR.

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With text vs. no text

Pictures without text are also more effective.

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Person vs. no person

It's no secret that pictures with people show a higher CTR.

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No Animals vs. animals

Images of animals are usually getting higher CTRs.

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Distance vs. close up

Close up images are usually more engaging and get higher CTRs.

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B\W vs. Color

Color images have been attracting more attention and getting higher CTRs.


The tool also analyzes all of the videos on the platform to determine which action types are correlated witha a higher viewability and higher CTR.

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