Revenue Lab team: "iGaming attracts more publishers from dating, crypto, and e-commerce"

Interview with Revenue Lab

Sveta Prus

We wondered why iGaming attracts so many affiliates and what challenges they face. We would also like to know the current situation in the gaming markets around the world. To get first-hand information, we contacted the Revenue Lab team, an affiliate network specializing in iGaming. 

— Hi everyone! Could you please explain such a big interest affiliates show towards the iGaming vertical?

Olga Sokolik, CMO: The gambling vertical is considered one of the most lucrative verticals. It offers high payout rates not only with CPA but also with RevShare and Hybrid models as well. For instance, some of the SEO publishers I work with stopped running campaigns several years ago and still receive their RevShare payout every month.

Olga Sokolik, Сhief Marketing Officer, Revenue Lab

— The iGaming vertical is not seen as a newbies-friendly one. Is this right in your opinion?

Olga: I agree, big money brings big competition. You must have significant budgets and know enough about traffic flows to venture into this niche. It is not necessary to have expertise in gambling per se, but it is best to know the inner workings of similar verticals. Recently we have noticed an influx of publishers from dating, crypto, and e-commerce verticals. 

— Let's talk a bit about the iGaming market in different countries. Let's start with the Netherlands, the launch of online gaming there has been delayed again. What is your opinion on this?

Petr Lopukhov, Head of Operations: We are waiting to see the license requirements both for affiliates and operators. If the move will be towards licenses for affiliates, some of them will not want to carry on. After the licensing, affiliates will decide if they want to work with the Netherlands depending on the number of remaining brands and the conditions those brands can offer. And, of course, it will depend on the taxes as well.

Petr Lopukhov, Head of Operations, Revenue Lab

Russia's market has also experienced drastic changes recently — since mid-January, unlicensed casinos and betting providers take bets only in bitcoin. How advertisers and affiliates cope with this situation?

Petr: In Russia, payment systems stopped dealing with casinos and betting shops. This forced many casino brands to leave the Russian market, and affiliates are also considering a potential move of operations to other markets. In addition, this affected media-buying teams that used to purchase Facebook traffic and work exclusively with Russia.

And what countries can you name as the most promising?

Olga: We believe targeting Australia and Canada should be your first choice. Today these are the most promising geos for gambling. To begin with, an average Australian player spends $900 and more each year. And more than 80% of Canadian population enjoy gambling.

— Speaking of Facebook. Since last year, Facebook has been very erratic, how do affiliates work with this source nowadays?

Serge Shu, Head of Media-buying: Our experience shows that Facebook has annual fits of severe instability. For now, this time of bans and fluctuations is over, and you can drive as much traffic as you wish. We will continue working with this source as long as Facebook allows advertising on its platform.

Serge Shu, Head of Media-buying, Revenue Lab

Do campaigns "Facebook + app" have relevance today? How do advertisers react to this type of traffic?

Serge: Yes, such campaigns are as relevant today as they were 2 years ago. This combination brings the largest possible amount of traffic if you maintain the "quality-price" ratio. Advertisers like this kind of traffic if you follow their rules of dealing with the audiences. It is always the best for them if you hit the solvent part of the target audience, though it is not always profitable for the affiliate. That is why we have to find trade-offs.

What are the most prevalent blunders that new affiliates make upon entering iGaming?

Olga: They are no different from other affiliate marketing verticals, really. As usual: furnishing campaign with a wrong offer for the chosen type of traffic, selecting an unsuitable geo and bad creatives.

What type of traffic is in the highest demand with the most advertisers?

Olga: If we talk traffic, I would give the first place to SEO, it’s always in trend. However, doorway traffic, PPC and apps are also a good choice. And maybe consider hopping on the Tik-Tok train before it’s too late. It is definitely on the rise nowadays.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and expertise!