Adam Pivko: how affiliate marketers can benefit from Clubhouse

Clubhouse for affiliate marketers. Interview with Adam Pivko

Sveta Prus

The affiliate community with a multitude of rooms dedicated to e-commerce, digital, and sales is taking root in Clubhouse. We all would like to know the ropes within the new social network, so we have consulted with an E-commerce Strategist & Marketer Adam Pivko, who is actively networking with more than 12 000 subscribers in Clubhouse.

— Hi Adam, what Clubhouse has to offer for affiliate marketers?

There are other affiliate marketers that share information on the platform. MANY Internet marketers talk about different topics around the industry, various digital marketers discuss different techniques & tools.

The audience on Clubhouse is vast, therefore it’s worth creating a room around the vertical/demographics you wish to target and simply conducting some direct market research.

— What are the ways of networking on Clubhouse?

If you can present yourself as an expert in the topic/vertical you are running in, you can generate leads to your Instagram, or Linktree on Instagram by hosting rooms. 

You can create a club in CH that suits the demographics of the various products or services you do affiliate marketing for and bring in experts or interesting relevant people to grow your audience further. You can listen in rooms that are relevant, then Direct message people that your products or services could help. 

— It is true that Clubhouse offers great networking and learning opportunities. Who do you recommend following on CH?

Adam Pivko, Paul Jey, Dee Deng, Jordan Rolband, Jon Biggs, Eric Schechter, Jim Banks, Matt Harward, Neil Patel, Angelina Eng, Taras Kis, James Van Elswyk, Maor Benaim, Chad Wilton, Om Thoke, Kelly Sheffield, Manik Sharma, Harley Finkelstein, @tobi, Oliver Kenyon, Anna Gita, Maxwell Finn, @Watch, Audi Kowalski, Sonny Palta, Bee Lim, Luke Hazlewood, John Bukowski, Jason Applebaum, Perry Belcher, @zuck23, Josh Keller, Jordan Swanson, Bruce Cran.

There are excellent copywriters to learn from or engage: Craig Clemens, Perry Belcher, Mike Becker, Heath Wilcox, Parris Lampropoulos, Brittany Aburizeck.

— You have a great profile description! Сan you give some advice on what to include in the profile so other people can easily find you?

Maximize the first 2 lines, connect to social, have keywords of your interests/expertise, include something enjoyable not just a resume.

Create an easy link like aff123.club or something you can put in your bio that people can go search, and have it redirect if need be.

— What do you like the most about your experience in CH?

Very generous community of experts, great way to connect and talk with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to ever reach, organization of topics, great for cross-platform (IG/Twitter) connections, real actionable advice to problems.

— Thank you so much for your time, affiliate marketers will surely enjoy your expertise and act upon it!