Editors' Choice, February 2021

Best articles in affiliate marketing, February 2021

Sveta Prus

Welcome to the February edition of our best articles in affiliate marketing that were published this month. We hope that you will find inspiration and new prospects here. So let’s dive into the favorite picks!

Why everyone yearns to snatch an invite to Clubhouse and how to get one

Not really about affiliate marketing, but we could not pass by such a hot topic. If you want to know more about Clubhouse phenomenon and why the whole Internet population is looking for invites to a new social network, this article definitely a must-read for you.

What's inside:

  1. What is Clubhouse?
  2. Why invites are in such high demand
  3. How to get an invite
  4. Earning money on Clubhouse

And of course, we will share some ways to get the desired invites, don't waste your chance to hop on the train!

Akie Hamam: How an advanced networker creates a social network for affiliates

As a regular guest at affiliate conferences, you may have heard about (or even met with!) Akie Hamam, an expert in e-commerce, online events organizer, and co-founder of his own Performance Marketing Agency. We asked him to share the best practices of successful communication and tell us a bit more about his plans to develop a social network for affiliates.

What's inside:

  1. What is Affiliate Business Club
  2. Secrets of successful networking
  3. How to keep this relationship alive
  4. Akie's goals for 2021

Many thanks again for this inspiring interview!

Mainstream dating: there is enough money for everyone

A project manager with 10 years of experience in mobile development explains how the mainstream dating industry works: what monetization of dating services is based on and how affiliates can earn money from them.

What's inside:

  1. How much the dating services earn
  2. Where the money comes from: 3 types of dating apps monetization
  3. How affiliates can earn money on dating apps

Know more about so-called "new dating" and the opportunities of this vertical!

Why 99% of advertisers are against brand bidding

Brand or trademark bidding is a type of contextual advertising when the advertiser's brand name is included in keywords. To understand why advertisers scorn branded traffic, we have contacted Valentin Darechkin, a person who knows everything about the matter.

What's inside:

  1. Why advertisers dislike branded traffic
  2. What happens to an affiliate who violates the terms
  3. Branded SEO traffic

Enjoy our interview and add your comments below!

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