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Gasmobi – LeadGen CPA Network and Advertiser

Sveta Prus

Gasmobi is a Madrid-based company, direct Advertiser of CC-submit and IVR Sweepstakes. The company was founded in 2015. It was originally launched as a mobile content and Smartlink solution network. For Gasmobi the year 2020 was marked by considerable growth which prompted the company’s diversification. Now it works with over 10 verticals and strives for further development.

The company covers more than 20 geos with its portfolio including CC, IVR and direct Nutra Diet offers.

Gasmobi positions itself as a top-tier network that has competitive exclusive offers and in-house offers. Both affiliates and advertising partners of the company benefit from high-quality services.

Verticals & Offers

The company is on the path from Smartlink to Multivertical network and can share experience in dealing with fluctuations within the verticals. However, it is possible to say for sure that there are verticals, which are the most stable for years – this is LeadGen. Gasmobi also promotes Nutra, Crypto and Finance verticals as the ones experiencing significant growth.

Nutra vertical is represented with direct Diet, Keto, CBD, Male Enhancement, Beauty offers. There are Trials, COD and Straight Sale offers. These are good matches for emails, SEO traffic, Push and Native. The network also welcomes Facebook and TikTok expertise.

Finance is one of the strongest verticals within the network. Gasmobi has stable white-hat offers, tried and tested creatives, and valuable insights about performance. You will also find Loans, Insurance, Debt and Credit offers in the network. Email, Push, and SMS traffic will also perform well.

Gasmobi provides a full campaign kit that is convenient for emailing. The dating vertical is also on the rise within the network these days.

Finance LP examples

LeadGen LP examples

Offer list

It is a marketplace where affiliates can browse and apply for offers, check filters, read offer descriptions (including caps, restrictions and preview link). For detailed information, you should contact your AM as per usual.

Top revenue report by vertical (February)

Payment Terms & Options

It is a common practice for affiliates to start on a monthly net-7 with a $200 minimum payment. Bi-monthly and weekly schemes are also possible, but these come after some time of fruitful collaboration.

Payment options: Wire, Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist, Payoneer.


The network features branded offers for LATAM, Astrology offers with email templates, Surveys for English speaking geos, TOP-branded sweepstakes for Tier 1 and Tier 2. A wide variety of CC-submit landings and geos are also available.

Gasmobi affiliates enjoy the Loyalty Bonus Program, Customized Deals and Promo Codes for the most useful services, traffic sources, and tools. It is also possible to gain some extra “karma points” by using your Gasmobi referral link within your other networks.

How to become a partner

First, you should register on the official website . The application process at fastest Gasmobi is not fast nor it is easy. This is not done out of spite towards prospective affiliates, but because the network would love to know more about you and your business at the start to provide you with the best offers.

Application consists of 2 steps. First, fill in the registration form giving as much information as possible to get faster approval. Once the account is approved, you will receive a Welcome Email with all the details and your AM contacts.

Referral links make the approval process much faster. You can share your referral link and get awarded for it later.

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