TES Affiliate Conference: in 2021 best known networking event will take place in Marbella, July 2-5

TES Affiliate Conferences 2021, Marbella, Spain (earlier event was scheduled in Prague, July 2-5, Czech Republic)

Christina Neuman

UPDATE: TES Affiliate Conference 2021 will take place 2-5 July 2021 outdoors. The new location is Marbella, Spain. The event was planned to be held in Prague indoors but was moved to Marbella.

UPDATE 2: The new location of the conference is the tropical gardens of the Don Carlos Hotel in Marbella, Spain. Event managers inform, that the conference will be hybrid: outdoor and virtual via the Internet.

TES Affiliate Conferences gather professionals from the online entertainment industries since 2009. If you want to supercharge your affiliate marketing knowledge, this event is for you.

What to expect from TES

Specialists from such fields as gaming, gambling, forex, e-commerce business and others demonstrate their products and services on expo days. You can attend seminars, product presentations, hot discussions with experts. And don’t forget to take comfy outfit to dive into all entertainment activities.

Boost your affiliate marketing competence

You invented a mobile application and want to promote it? You want to monetize your personal brand on TikTok or Instagram? You will get all the answers and even more. You will find out how to make a successful online start-up. Advertisers will learn about new strategic approaches in marketing.  Speakers will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the online marketing industry and other important subjects. More than 40 seminars and lectures on different topics are waiting for you.

Presentations can be interactive

Experts will present new strategies in affiliate marketing, top Google tips and future of dating sites. Specialists prepared interactive content to improve your marketing skills. At meet market advertisers and other delegates will exhibit their products and present their services.

The entertainment part of TES Affiliate Conferences is always the icing on the cake. Karting, gun shooting, skydiving, golf – here is just a brief list of activities TES offers to all attendees. And this year is not an exception. All participants will enjoy a poker tournament, awards show, jam session, massage station and a variety of food-courts.

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