Why everyone yearns to snatch an invite to Clubhouse and how to get one

How do I get a Clubhouse invite

Sveta Prus

Today's hot topic is the so-called "Clubhouse phenomenon" and why it is so appealing that the whole Internet population is looking for invites to a new social network. And of course, we will share some ways to get the desired invites, don't waste your chance to hop on the train!

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse became known in March 2020, the creators are former Google employees Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. Clubhouse is an audio-chat platform for communication within themed groups. No pictures, videos, memes, or lip-sync. Voice communication is the only way.

Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter late this January: "On Clubhouse tonight at 10pm LA time". A few hours later, Musk discussed his Neuralink startup with Robinhood co-founder Vladimir Tenev telling him about a monkey with a wireless implant in its brain enabling the ape to "play video games with his mind".

Thanks to this audio chat with Musk, the app skyrocketed to the tops of startup charts, making the invitations to this social network an item more sought-after than a new iPhone device.

All the content in Clubhouse is live, it is forbidden to record the streams. When the audio chat is over — it is gone for good, unlike, for example, Twitch streams available on the platform in case you wish to come back and watch it again later.

At the moment, the social network is invite-only. You need an inside invitation to get in.

Why Clubhouse invites are in such high demand

The main feature of this social network is the horizontal type of relationship between users. You can come into a chatroom of a famous inventor or an artist and start talking to them right away. Not only Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are members of Clubhouse, but also Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Jared Leto, as well as many well-known niche experts. 

Having entered a "room" you can listen to a stand-up show or an audio performance, hear a well-known entrepreneur talk about his business, participate in language clubs or film discussions. It is easy to connect with someone famous who is not usually available for chatting in real life.

For example, you can hear the story of astronaut Scott Edward Parazynski about how he repaired a damaged solar panel in outer space. Or have a chat with Nawal Ravikant, CEO of the AngelList venture fund, the businessman who has been one of the first to invest in Uber, Twitter, Yammer, and more than a hundred other enterprises.

The discussions are topic-specific, as a listener you have to raise a hand to say something — the moderator will give the floor to you.

Fun fact, the number of listeners is restricted by 5,000 users per room. If the speaker is famous, some users may be left out due to this limit. This happened during a speech by Mark Zuckerberg, so the participants created "adjacent" chatrooms to relay the information from the main room.

How to get an invite to Clubhouse

Download the app and wait

This option requires patience, but it is free and does not require any effort. You need to download the app, set up an account, reserve a name, and wait. One day, the app will drop the invite system and you will get in. Important point — the app is currently only available on Apple devices with iOS 13 and later.

Ask around

Another easy and free way is to ask your friends and acquaintances for invites. Everyone who gets in receives two invites to share. And if a person is an active user his number of invites goes up.

Buy an invite

You can buy an invite on eBay or on Reddit. They are rather costly — $30 to $100. Be careful, there are already many fraudsters out there. You risk throwing your money into the bin. You can find scam warnings on Reddit, also be careful with suspicious accounts.

Get one in a Telegram exchange channel

This way also does not involve any money. Active users create channels for exchanging invites in various messengers. The main idea is: you get an invite from a stranger and in return post the invites you get after registering in Clubhouse.

Earning money on Clubhouse

At the end of January, the creators announced that in the next few months they will test three monetization models — donations, event tickets, and subscriptions. The system will probably resemble that of Patreon. The company also plans to encourage authors with a new grant program. So far, Clubhouse has no ads, is free for users, and does not offer any premium features.

We asked Nikita Rvachev, the creator of the Clubhouse invites channel in Telegram, to share his opinion on the business prospects of the new platform. Nikita's channel was created a little more than a week ago and it already has attracted more than 9,000 users:

"I am deeply engaged in marketing and new media, thus I always monitor new platforms and, of course, I just couldn't ignore Clubhouse. In the beginning, each new user was given 2 invites, and theoretically, this could be quickly scaled up. If every user brings two more, the number grows exponentially. I have decided to automate this process, but the reality had to account for human factor including forgetfulness and scamming. I've witnessed many fascinating situations this week, it was a kind of social experiment on human behavior.

Some people have already raised money on Clubhouse. My project is free, while the Reddit guys sell the invites for $30 apiece. A week ago, they celebrated the 1000th sale. Now, I think, they have already reached 2000—3000 sales, which is almost $100,000.

From the marketing point of view, we probably will see such approaches as advertising exhibitions, sponsorship, etc. However, the content is restricted to audio with no links or visuals, that is why I believe that right now it is unlikely to become effective in terms of performance marketing.

So far, I see an opportunity for brands to integrate and run brand advertising, and for influencers to try and get a bigger audience while riding this wave. Even now I can see such attempts. I see people spending the whole day online trying to gain an audience".

Nikita Rvachev, Aitarget co-founder and marketing expert

The future of Clubhouse

Due to the unusual format and celebrity involvement, the social network is actively gaining momentum. So far, it seems incredibly attractive because of the FOMO idea — fear of missing out. It is a kind of real elite club, everybody who is anybody wants to be a member.

Another sign of bright prospects is that competitors of Clubhouse are already on the move. According to the New York Times, Facebook plans to launch a similar application. "The product is in its earliest stages of development, and the project’s code name could change," according to the NY Times sources .

Most likely, Clubhouse is here to stay, so, it is high time to seize the moment and take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by this social network.

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