How to get a bump: tips from affiliate managers

How to get a bump: tips from affiliate managers

Sveta Prus

Affiliate managers are probably the best people to ask the question: "How do I get higher payouts in an affiliate program?” We interviewed several CPA networks representatives and found out how affiliates can increase their revenue.


If you drive traffic from different sources, be sure to post them back through one of your subIDs. And always inform your manager about it. Later, this will help you optimize the traffic flow disabling the weak sources and get higher payout rates for the strong ones.

If the source allows for targeting, be sure to follow the target audience recommendations specified in the offer. High-quality traffic profitable for the advertiser is your chance to get the bump as fast as possible!


Drive a stable volume of good traffic and do not try to water it down with poor-quality traffic. And, of course, work hard on your creatives!


Work on the creatives. A personalized approach is the new black this year. It means breaking every offer down into molecules. You need to study the advertiser, know the product, the market, and your audience. Be sure to make several creatives with different approaches, get in the green — and get a bump.

Don't be afraid to test thoroughly. The more split tests — the more data, the more detailed campaign settings. Advertisers value quality above all else.

As soon as you find a well-performing combo, increase the volume of traffic and keep up the high quality. This is the way to build long-term relationships, and this is exactly what all major players are focused on.


There can only be one good tip — deliver big volumes of high-quality traffic :) However, if you want a bump at the very beginning, show your statistics to the manager. If it is decent, you have a great chance to snatch a bump right away.The Flow Media Telegram Channel