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List of blogs for affiliates

Christina Neuman

In the first article of the series, we discussed useful affiliate forums , this time we bring you a selection of excellent blogs for enhancing your skills.

Charles Ngo

One of the most popular blogs in the affiliate marketing field. Here you will find useful information on e-commerce, ad campaign optimization, general advice for business, and self-development.

The content is updated weekly and therefore is always up-to-date. Subscribe to get free access to reading material, useful tips, and other treats.

Advantages: access to a weekly newsletter and free training courses

A few words about the author: Charles Ngo is one of the most influential players in the affiliate marketing field. His blog is followed by at least 75,000 people monthly.

Subscription : free

Website: https://charlesngo.com/ https://charlesngo.com/

Neil Patel

Another popular blog valued by the professionals of the affiliate world. Here you can find a variety of reviews and articles on conversion rate optimization, paid traffic sources, promotion strategies, intricacies of search results, etc. And all the information is based on the personal experience of one of the greatest digital marketing professionals of our time.

Advantages: the blog supports a variety of languages (Portuguese, German, Spanish, and Italian)

A few words about the author: Neil Patel is well-known and respected by many players in this industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, he is the most influential person in the global network, and the UN ranks him among the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35.

Subscription : free

Website: https://neilpatel.com/ https://neilpatel.com/


A blog on affiliate marketing with the main focus on paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads, Mobile, Native, and Google Adwords.

The website has been active since 2013 and is run by Attila, top affiliate experienced in all verticals due to his long career in the field. The author is happy to share useful tips, guides, reviews and other content with everyone willing to listen and learn. Part if the material is in the public domain, but you need to log in to access the exclusive articles.

Advantages: intuitive navigation through the categories (CPA networks, practical examples, etc.)

A few words about the author: Attila is a well-known expert with years of experience in affiliate marketing. His affiliate career dates back to 1997. Today, he devotes his time and efforts to the development of several Internet marketing platforms.

Subscription : paid, $ 49 per month

Website: https://iamattila.com/ https://iamattila.com

Servando Silva

The blog is dedicated to CPA marketing, mobile traffic, search engine optimization, etc.   

Both beginners and experienced players will find something to spark their interest. The topics include reviews of affiliate marketing services and tools, interviews with industry leaders, and many detailed practical cases.

Advantages : discount coupons for some tools and services

A few words about the author: Servando Silva — CPA-marketer and affiliate. He has extensive hands-on experience in affiliate marketing. 

Subscription : free

Website: https://servandosilva.com/ https://servandosilva.com

Ian Fernando

This blog is your choice if you want to know more about tools for Amazon FBA campaigns, the art of online entrepreneurship, and ways of monetizing your own blog. 

The author gives tips for developing your own business, shares knowledge with novice entrepreneurs, helping them get accustomed to the CPA field. 

Advantages: access to private webinars, abundance of links to affiliate tools and services

A few words about the author: Jan Fernando is a practicing online marketer with 15 years of experience. Gained financial independence thanks to working in the CPA field. Today, he is developing his own business on Amazon.

Subscription : free

Website: https://www.ianfernando.com

KJ Rocker

Another useful blog dedicated to CPA marketing. The author is happy to share tutorials, webinars, and tips on how to choose the right offers and find your niche in the field.

Beginners will find guidance on various topics: how to launch the first ad campaign in TikTok, how to increase conversions, how to set up ad campaigns with push notifications correctly, and much more. 

A few words about the author: Kj Rocker has been in the marketing industry since the age of 14. He has extensive experience in this field and specializes in attracting potential clients.

Subscription : free

Website: https://www.kjrocker.com/ https://www.kjrocker.com/

Nick Lenihan

This blog is a great pick for inexperienced affiliates, it provides access to a bunch of practical guides.

You will find material on the main terms of the affiliate marketing, useful websites, and marketing tools. The blog will also tell you where to start and how to build your own business in CPA affiliate marketing.

Advantages: the material is well-explained and illustrated, there is a separate tab with useful resources and links

A few words about the author: Nick Lenihan has been engaged in affiliate marketing for the last 8 years and has a Bachelor's Degree in Internet marketing.

Subscription: free, there is paid content 

Website: https://nicklenihan.com/ https://nicklenihan.com/

This was our list of affiliate marketing blogs. Feel free to share your favorite blogs in the comments.

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