Tracking the client: free trackers for affiliates — main features and hidden pitfalls

Free trackers for affiliates

Alex Sagal

As you gain more experience as an affiliate, you begin to realize that deep analytics is a must. To make good money on CPA traffic, you need to segment it and analyze it by a variety of parameters . You also need to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns very carefully.

The market offers a wide range of solutions for detailed statistics on all advertising campaigns and ads, tracking metrics, A/B testing, working with funnels, domains, and landing pages. Which of them is the one for you? 

We will tell you about 7 popular trackers for affiliate marketing. Some of them are absolutely free to use. Others come for free but with limited features, and there are those that are offered with full features for a free trial period. One of them will surely cater to your needs. 

CPVLab Starter


This is the free version of the CPVLAb Pro tracker. In CPVLab Pro supports six types of campaigns. The free version includes only two: the direct-link/landing page campaign type, and the email follow-up campaign type. However, more than 20 data points can be tracked, and 10 reports can be generated at the same time. 

LP Pixel is also among the features available in the free plan. This is tracking for campaigns where redirecting links are not allowed (Google Ads and social networks, for example, Facebook). Another useful feature is the bot filter: prevents fraudulent traffic from coming in and landing on your landing page or offer page. It is also included in the free plan.

The main disadvantage of CPVLab, as well as other self-hosted solutions, is that they have to be installed on your server. This is not particularly difficult but requires some technical knowledge. For example, you need to choose the server with a good response time, otherwise there will be delays in data collection.

But once you have installed it you will be able to handle unlimited volumes of traffic. The amount of traffic you receive will depend only on your hosting provider.



The tracker uses artificial intelligence technology. This technology analyzes user action within the funnel and sends them to the best route. 

The free plan includes up to 1,000,000 events per month. With it you’ll have access to the global infrastructure, bot and proxy detection. However, you will have to do without technical support. 

Another pitfall is that it is not easy to create a free account here. Kintura operates on an invitation basis. To receive an invitation, you must provide information about yourself and request access.



This tracker offers basic campaign monitoring and assessment. It has such features as click-fraud blocking, cloaking, link rotators, A/B split testing.

It allows you to process only up to 3,000 views for free, which is not as generous as the other trackers. But, all these features are available in the free plan, and all your campaign data is stored for up to 1 year. In addition, you can use an unlimited number of custom domains.



Tracking platform created specifically for running campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Tracking ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a challenging task. Using trackers that rely on redirect URLs is contrary to the policy of these websites and may lead to a ban.

The AnyTrack features allow you to analyze traffic without redirect URLs. In a free plan you can integrate with Google Analytics, track one website, one affiliate network, with up to 5,000 sessions per month.



A self-hosted tracker. It is a WordPress plugin, which greatly simplifies its installation. 

It implements the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). ClickerVolt estimates the time on the page using a heatmap. Which is then translated into your audience’s level of interest with your product or offer. It works on the assumption that the longer the user stays on your page, the more likely he or she will make a purchase.

ClickerVolt has several paid plans, but the free version is also very useful. And the volume of incoming traffic is limited only by the capabilities of your hosting.



The BeMob interface is absolutely user-friendly: it is so intuitive that even your grandmother will work it out. 

The tracker allows you to track and distribute traffic flows that bring the most revenue. You can test landing pages, monitor views and clicks in real-time. All data is stored in the cloud. You can access it from any desktop or mobile device. Your links are redirected with the help of Amazon data centers. There is a possibility to register a custom domain.

BeMob’s free plan accepts up to 100,000 events per month. Data is stored for 90 days. 



PeerClick is a cloud-based solution, just like BeMob. This means that you don't have to solve the hosting issue.

The free plan allows you to process up to 100,000 events per month. It includes access to the main tracker features, one custom domain, up to 20 active campaigns, and intelligent DNS routing. Allows you to track up to 40+ parameters per click.

Data is stored for up to 3 months. If you want to have your data available at all times, don't forget to download everything while you have access.

You can test all the features before purchasing the full version.

Which tracker is the best solution?

There is no one answer to this question. In general, all trackers solve the same issues. You will only see the differences when you start using them. We recommend the following route to narrow your options:

  1. Decide whether you gravitate towards cloud-based or self-hosted solutions.
  2. Choose the reports you need and the acceptable session limit.
  3. Compare the plans of different trackers and find the ones that offer the features you need for free.

Give each of the selected trackers a 2–3 days tryout to see if it is convenient and effective enough for you. Now it is easy to single out the websites that drown your campaigns and disable them right away. May high conversions be with you!

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