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Affiliate forums

Christina Neuman

Did you think that in 2021 forums are just relics of an epoch long gone? Not at all! The affiliate forums are full of life, heated discussions, and many other interesting activities. Find more information in our article, first in the series of useful selections for affiliates. So, make yourself comfortable and do not forget to stretch your fingers to conquer the captcha. Here we go!


The forum took off in 2011 as a research and guide database. Today, it is one of the best resources for affiliates. It can offer gigabytes of useful information, vast and unique professional community. The forum will be useful both for beginners and experienced affiliates. The website features strict moderation and outgoing users, so any question you have will not go unanswered. You will have to pay for the registration, but once you have passed it, you gain access to cool stuff such as tutorials, video lessons, exclusive access to analytic tools and reports.

Registration: $ 99 per month 

Website: https://stmforum.com/


Afflift is a real treasure for affiliates. The forum is free and very lively (over 12 200 messages in PPV thread alone). Ins and outs of ad settings, mobile content, professional tricks – all in all loads of useful information just a couple of clicks away. We definitely recommend it.

Registration: free 

Website: https://afflift.com/f/

Affiliate Fix

Another free forum for affiliates. It claims to be the most active and friendly affiliate marketing community on the Internet. The website has sections on various topics, including professional tools like image search engine, banner customizer, geolocation, etc. However, to gain full access, you need to become a member.

Registration: free, there is a paid section 

Website: https://www.affiliatefix.com/


The forum is currently undergoing a redesign and a change of ownership, however all the content is still available on the old version of the website. By the way, the content is super rich. For those who lack experience in affiliate marketing, there is a special section "CPA marketing for beginners" describing the main points of the matter, as well as a section with cases presented by users.

Registration: free 

Website: https://www.cpaelites.com/


Despite the name, the forum covers many more topics aside from “black-hat optimization.” The threads will tell you about SEO, web design, affiliate programs, content selection, and so on. Everything seems really active, we saw only a few abandoned discussions. 

Registration: free 

Website: https://www.blackhatworld.com/  


At the moment this forum has 869 000 registered users and more than 2 million discussions. We cannot say that it is purely about affiliate marketing since many topics are on digital marketing in general. Though it would be unwise to neglect such a base of knowledge. Moreover, the forum is for free and very active. 

Registration: free 

Website: https://www.digitalpoint.com/  


Here you can learn about PPC and CPA networks, affiliate programs, ways of monetizing mobile app traffic, and much more. You can also find a bunch of textbooks and manuals on marketing. And it is free.

Registration: free

Website: http://www.cpahero.com/


A small forum with cases and guides related to the CPA sector. The forum is quite young as well as the audience, although this does not mean that there is nothing useful to be found. The sections cover many topics, propose ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to create a profitable campaign. The majority of articles are "pure meat", so you will not have to struggle through long watery texts.

Registration: $ 99 per month / $ 1,089 per year 

Website: http://madsociety.net/

Warrior Forum

The registration is free of charge. The forum is easy to navigate, all the topics are nicely separated into sections, you will find a lot: from search engine optimization to programming nuances. The user activity is not high, but affiliate marketing news is published regularly.

Registration: free

Website: https://www.warriorforum.com/


Here you will find loads of useful information about affiliate marketing particularly and web marketing in general. There are sections devoted to search engine optimization, web hosting, and trading platforms. The user can choose a free account with limited features or a paid account with full access.

Registration: free version / $ 25 per month / $ 89 per year

Website: https://www.webmastersun.com/


The last website in our list of forums for affiliates is WickedFire. It is free and rather intuitive. Here you can read about the intricacies of affiliate marketing, traffic and content generation, design features, and much more. 

Registration: free 

Website: https://www.wickedfire.com/

This was it for our list of forums and platforms for affiliates. Both beginners and experienced affiliates will do well to keep them in mind. What forums do you prefer? Share your picks in the comments! In the second article we will tell you about the top affiliate blogs, stay tuned and follow our news =)

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